Progressive Drywall, Inc.
Licensed and Insured
About Us

Progressive Drywall was founded in 1995 by second generation contractor, Shane Watkins. 
The company has seen responsible growth through the years.  We take great pride in the positive relationships we have built with our customers.  Our office is in Grayson, while our customer base stretches from Lake Oconee to Canton to Newnan.


With today's extensive but unpredictable labor pool, there are countless Drywall contractors in the Atlanta metro area.  We at Progressive Drywall strive to set ourselves apart by giving you outstanding quality work and customer service from the time of install to the repair work years after a hous has closed. We hold our subs accountable as well as our touch-up and punch-out men on payroll.

Excellent quality is essential for each customer, yet we work for a variety of builders with different individual needs.  One builder might give us a dozen houses /units at once and expect an expeditious turn-around. 

Then there is the ultra custom builder that we have a special qualit-control person spend several hours on one house with the very best subs to make sure every dome, curved wall or custom bell trey are completed to absolute satisfaction. 


Though quality work and expedient customer service are a must, it will always be a somewhat price -driven business.  We understand you need competitive pricing from us so you can compete in today's competitive market.  It is our business to be highly attuned to our gypsum market to enable you to do just that.


  • All drywall meterials necessary
  • Drywall hung
  • Drywall scrap houled away
  • Drywall finished
  • Ceilings textured as appropriate
  • Drywall sanded
  • Floors scraped and swept
  • Touch-up as required



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